Recovery leads to an island
Monday, 21-Dec-15 23:26:01 UTC, author: Marlie Rubingh

After some recovery of last weeks decisions we were able to create an island! Some mayor decisions about the gameplay elements are made as well.

At the moment the game and the game engine are being build simultaneously, these weeks Ylon was playing with loading houses, terrains and characters into the game engine making sure everything is fast and robust.

We sat down with some paper, colours and reference material of islands. With some inspiration and the question "What would the island I would like to play on look like?" in my mind, we were able to create an island for the game. The island is visible in the pictures above and below, you can see we are looking for a semi realistic style which is why we chose this saturated colours, proportions and shapes. Soon, we will be able to test the island for entertainment! We made sure that the island has spots to climb, run and discover.

Our next step will be to decorate the island with trees, a village and other surroundings. So we will be able to post some other pictures of the game island and the progress of this game.

Recently we've been playing a lot of Nintendo games, which helped us to focus on gameplay rather than graphics and distinguish the growth between characters and players in Nintendo games and the growth of characters and players in most other common games. Ylon said the following about it: "It's awesome to see how Nintendo can create hours of gameplay with only a small team and little assets. No fancy graphics or overpowered gear, it's about the player and how he advances/levels-up rather than the computer character they play."

Finally mayor decisions about the gameplay elements are made, we will create an adventurous game in which cooperation will be a central element. Another important element will be the RPG part that will be created in a more Nintendo way like Ylon described in the paragraph above and with the P2P networking, this will enable your friend or partner to join you in the middle of a difficult fight or a new quest.

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The end of one journey and the beginning of a new one
Friday, 11-Dec-15 20:56:06 UTC, author: Ylon Schaeffer

Months of hard work, difficult times and a lot of new insights. Big decisions had to be made and a new plan had to be chosen.

It has been a rough time for me lately and I need to take back what I've said in my previous post. After the leaving of our concept artist and unable to find another good match, more things were starting to chew on me. After much thought and conversations it became clear to me; with the current team Eracle won't be able to become a success and we won't be able to complete the game with the quality I aimed for.

That's why I've let the other team members go, canceled the kickstarter plans and decided to continue the project myself, with of course some help from third parties! I will sail a different path now and update more on the progress. This time the game will be directly made into the Esteem Game Engine, building the engine and the game simultaneously. Some big choices will be made as well which will define the whole game, some already know but you need to wait just a little longer before I'll make them public.

As an entrepreneur I've really learned a lot about employees; the differences, responsibilities, motivation, mindset and more. As a startup it is essential to have the right people for the job, not only their skills but their efforts into the company as well. Starting and maintaining a company is not just doing another project like being used to at school or at work. So now I learned which people I need to found Eracle in the early stages and bring the company to a success of which I will start preparations while the game progresses.

You'll be posted!

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A time of drawbacks and re-evaluating
Monday, 16-Nov-15 12:42:47 UTC, author: Ylon Schaeffer

It's been a while since we last posted an update of our production, and although we were thinking of things to post, we just didn't found the right subject for these times.

These weeks were quite hard on me and rest of the team, we had to say goodbye to our Concept Artist Shirin Lucas a few weeks ago and we had to start looking for another one. Despite the interest and skills that were shown, we have not found the correct match yet. We're investing our own savings and time into this adventure game and because of this we can't hire and pay new employees. Finding and talking to interested parties was quite a heavy task, hard decisions had to be made to make sure we wouldn't start sailing towards different lands.

Although these weeks were very hard we are still working like northlings, the AI behavior system has been designed, the player can now climb onto edges, the world have had different shapes and colors for gameplay and style and the game engine is starting to get open-world-ready. We've got hard and passionate working employees at the moment, of which I'm very proud.

We even reviewed the game we want to make, the necessary time and skills re-evaluated. The outcome was not really surprising but was non the less satisfying, the game Zelda from which we acquire the most inspiration does not put his/her weight on best looking models, textures or animations like other AAA games do. They focus on gameplay, storyline and mechanics to achieve ESP's (emotional selling points), the things we aim for as well.

We do put ourselves with another task; a 3D modeler has volunteered to help us with making the character models, so we have some drawing to do for our main character!

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Experimenting with the hero's world
Monday, 12-Oct-15 12:30:21 UTC, author: Marlie Rubingh

After a week of thinking and frowning the hero is now able to jump and fight. Although he is still a little pale, he is not scared at all.

One of our programmers had a lot of fun programming the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the enemies. It was really amusing to see, he spawned a whole group of enemies, they ran into each other and randomly started hitting others. Once our hero came too close they were all mad at our hero and started chasing him.

Besides enemies the hero needs a world where he will face them. And this world, is what we are creating right now. Our level-designer is experimenting with different worlds/areas, these worlds will lead us to the one special world that will be the hero's world. And in this world there will be different types of area's to explore, each with their own characteristics.

You can help the hero to get closer to his existence, so if you have any input for our game tell us on Facebook or Twitter and don't forget to keep track of our progress!

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First month lies behind, development lies ahead!
28-09-2015 14:41:20, author: Shirin Lucas

With the first four weeks flown by, the production process of the Zelda™ inspired adventure game is in full swing!

Having ensconced ourselves in the office as our base of operation, Eracle’s coffee-fueled crew has stocked up on inspiration, motivation and mozarella pizza, and is currently tackling the torrent of awesome that is washing over us. Four weeks of (brain)storming the castle of the Princess of Plots, guided by the muse of inspiration, has led us now to the Gates of Adventure, which have opened to the production process of our Zelda™ inspired exploration game!

With the artists swelling the sails with winds of conceptual art and environment while the developers navigate the sea of functionality and features, you can join us on our jolly journey! Aside from following us on our epic quest on Twitter and Facebook, you can now sign up to our RSS feed and be the first to hear us shout from the crow’s nest!

Don’t forget to sign up for our Kickstarter campaign, and share the good news with the world! We can not explore this new and uncharted world without your help! So continue to follow us and check back here for our next report on the production of the adventure game your shelf deserves!

Anchors aweigh!

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Development of the Zelda™ inspired game has started!
03-09-2015 13:21:48, author: Ylon Schaeffer

Eracle® proudly presents the start of our first prototype of the Zelda™ inspired game. No longer do you need a Nintendo® to start your favorite adventure game.

What to expect? Well did you know it will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac? We'll be developing one half year to create the prototype with the crowd, making it a wonderful experience with your input. 3D, puzzles, unique storyline, bosses and a whole new world.

What not to expect: a Zelda™; clone, we don't have any intention to clone the original Zelda™ games and/or content. We'll be making a brand new game for you to explore!

We need your help! In late november/begin december, we'll be starting a campaign, our aim is to collect enough money to pay the production costs. How are we doing it now? Well most is from our own savings to create the game you want to play. What can you do to help? Ofcourse we'd like to see your support in our campaign! Also once our guy is up to start connecting you guys to the rest of us, you'll be able to share idea's, give feedback and more to help us.

Things you can do:

  • Sign up to not miss any extra's, like ingame presents;
  • Sign up to be alerted of the campaign;
  • Follow the news by subscribing on one or more of the following media:

Lets start the adventure!

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