About Eracle

Eracle is a company focused on story driven adventure games and client value. Making games by testing with and retrieving feedback from the crowd. Building and destroying to get to the knowledge we need to give the best game experience we can give.

Psychology and Sociology is important in the company aswell as in our games, we drive our employees to develop theirselves, by which they will create more client value. All employees guard the product quality by doing research and tests with the target audience, we dislike and strongly demotivate people who just want to be right. So no: "we think you like this" but: "we tested and saw you like this".

What does Eracle mean?

Eracle is a mixture of Oracle and Hercules, they were chosen for the correct balance we'd like to achieve in our games and jobs.


Ancient greek:

"a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements"
The thinking and wisdom of these people is important to us, acting without knowledge is like running blindfolded into something you know nothing of. Oracle's are mostly represented as women which is the second reason we chose this name, women are good in caring for and connecting with people.

Hercules, Heracles

Ancient greek:

"a celebrated hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, possessing exceptional strength"
Hercules is less about thinking and wisdom and more about strength, he will do what is necesary to win each battle. It means action, no sitting around and doing nothing, intrinsically motivated and the strength to complete the job.

We chose him because with intellect and wisdom only we'll only be sitting ducks; quacking to eachother about how we should do something and never start it. The strength can be found in our skills and motivation, we want good quality games and let the pc perform at his best without the extra nonsence.